Auction Agent Service

Sniping Bid - no extra fee
Auto bidding near auction closing time. This keeps price low.
No fee if auction is overbid. Paypal - OK
Refund immediately.
Shipping multiple items in one packet

What's this service?

Many items are sold in Yahoo Japan Auction. But almost sellers don't ship internationally, and description is in Japanese.
Then JIGS supports you. We can bid and take any item in auction. And we ship you by reliable and safe way. Thank you.

How can I bid and win?

  1. Let us know : auction url or auction id, and bid price. Please use Bid request form.
  2. Send us deposit, then JIGS bids.
  3. Max bid price: twice your deposit. For example, deposit=1000 yen / bid=2000 yen.
  4. You WON: JIGS pays the seller and receives the item.
  5. You LOST: JIGS refunds you the 100% deposit.

If I lose auction, do you refund me all deposit?

Yes, JIGS refunds you 100% all deposit quickly. No hidden charge is existed.

How much is your fee?

Please see the later table.

Final Price1 yen - 2500 yen2501 yen - 19999 yen20000 yen or more
starting fee
0 yen
agent fee
500 yen20% of final price17% of final price

Is there any other charge?

  1. Domestic shipping (in Japan)
  2. International shipping
  3. Domestic bank remittance fee (for each auction payment)
For example, if you won 2500yen CD:
      CD price = 2500 yen, Agent fee = 500 yen, Bank fee = 216 yen, Domestic Shipping = 215 yen, International Shipping = 700 yen / Total = 4131 yen.

How can I pay you?

We accept Paypal. (up to 15000 yen per whole order / for new customer)
Also, please see how to order page.

Is there other notice?

Do you accept bid request for non-anime item?

Yes, of course. We can bid any item in auction.

Any good site for translation from Japanese to English?

Try Google Language Tools. They supports many languages translating.

Then, how do I send bid request to you?

Please use Bidding Request Form or Order sheet for email.

Any questions and all mails to: / Also see FAQ page.
    Thank you very much.

last updated: Aug 11, 2017

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